An essential ally for your spa treatment!

Thanks to its exceptional mineral content, Contrexéville thermal spring water is recognized by the Académie de Médecine as a major asset for your stay at the Thermes de Contrexéville !

The minerals it contains, which are essential to the proper functioning of our bodies, come from an underground spring that is not subjected to any chemical treatment.

In theory, a balanced diet should cover our mineral requirements. But in practice, many of us fall short of the recommended calcium and magnesium intakes: 39% of us lack calcium and 53% of us lack magnesium. The figures speak for themselves: one liter of Contrex® provides 58% of your daily calcium requirements! As for magnesium, Contrex® provides over 19% of your recommended intake. So why deprive yourself of its benefits ?

Contrexéville is the ideal place to take a break, relax, recharge and pamper your body, with the Hotel La Souveraine, the Thermes and the L’or en Bar restaurant.

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