La Souveraine, Contrexéville’s eighth hotel

La Souveraine, located at 215 rue du Shah de Perse in Contrexéville, near Vittel, is a true Haussmann jewel, dating back to the heart of the 19th century. Once graced by a pond, it was transformed around 1910 to create the magnificent park that surrounds it today. Nestled in the heart of this spa park, its authenticity and peaceful atmosphere will not leave you indifferent for your leisure or business stays.

Why La Souveraine ?

The spring water has a so-called sovereign effect on the body, as it is reputed to be laxative: look no further for the origin of the name Souveraine!

Historically, our hotel has always been the preferred destination for celebrities visiting the Contrexéville thermal baths. It was home to such illustrious figures as the Shah of Persia, who came to take the waters at the Thermes, and the Grand Duchess Wladimir, aunt of the last Tsar of Russia, until her death in 1920. Today, we perpetuate this history by offering our customers a unique and exceptional experience. Let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance of Hotel La Souveraine, where the charm of yesteryear meets the modern comforts of today.

During your stay at the Hotel La Souveraine, you can enjoy our thermal baths and their SPA, as well as our L’or en Bar restaurant, located a few meters away. Our rooms retain the charm of the nineteenth century period and are fully equipped (wifi, television, private bathroom, etc.). Book your stay now, or contact us for more information!